Weight gain pics. Keely Shaye Smith Wedding Photos Reflects Extreme Weight Gain Now!

Weight gain pics. Keely Shaye Smith Wedding Photos Reflects Extreme Weight Gain Now!

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13 women whose 'reverse' body transformations are inspiring

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But not everyone wants to lose weight, which is why we are all for the women who have taken an alternative approach to the body transformations we see so often. These 'reverse transformations' show women who are much happier in the bodies they've got now, having gained weight, either through building muscle or simply by calming down their intense diet and fitness plan. And for them, it's turned out to be the true answer to good health in all its forms Okay enough with the obnoxious caps. I am human, like you, and I slip up, like you! And here I am to remind you that this is normal and a natural part of this journey. It is a roller coaster.