Ramsey nouah wife and children. Ramsey Nouah Biography, Marriage, Wife, Family, and Movies - Informationcradle

Ramsey nouah wife and children. Ramsey Nouah Wife, Age, Family, Biography, Is He Dead or Alive?

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Meet Ramsey Noah's Adorable Wife And Cute Kids - Information Nigeria

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Attractive Nollywood actor Ramsey Nouah has been married to Emelia Philips-Nouah for 15 years and the couple have three children together. Ramsey recently held an interview with Premium Times in which he spoke about his marriage and why he and his wife don't usually appear on the red carpet together. She is the driver of the family and her decision is final. That is why I say she is not an ordinary woman. She is a triple woman. Ibu and his wife define what true love is all about. That is why I say, an actor or actress, has to find that special person.