Dichen lachman altered carbon nude. 'Altered Carbon's Dichen Lachman Talks Naked Sword-Fighting Scene (Exclusive Video)

Dichen lachman altered carbon nude. ‘Altered Carbon’ Star Dichen Lachman Talks Naked Sword-Fighting Scene (Exclusive Video)

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We Spoke To Netflix’s ‘Altered Carbon’ Cast About Nudity And Violence In The 26th Century

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Australian actress Dichen Lachman talks "Altered Carbon", the Netflix sci-fi series weighed down by white-washing and nudity controversies. Eight women stand naked around actress Dichen Lachman in an eerie dark-blue set covered in shards of silicon glass. Beside the merkin covering her private parts, she is naked. Completely naked. She lifts her TV sword and kicks off what will become a memorable and controversial fight scene. That scene is from the new Netflix series " Altered Carbon ", the latest sci-fi blockbuster from Netflix's big spending spree. Lachman plays Rei, sister to main character Takeshi Kovacs played first by Will Yun Lee, then Joel Kinnaman -- read on for how that works in the dystopian future of , where people can cheat death.