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Goosebumps books images. High-Res Images of Every Original ‘Goosebumps’ Book Cover!

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67 High-Resolution Original Goosebumps Covers - Album on Imgur

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This weekend, R. Stine's spookiest, scariest characters from his famous Goosebumps books will come to life on the big screen—and we're over here with our fingers crossed that the following monsters, zombies, and ghosts are not included in the horror flick. These 10 books from Stine's long-running series feature some of his creepiest creations and terrifying tales—read on if you dare also, spoilers! The Creep Factor: The first R. Stine masterpiece lived up to its title, and sent chills down our spines with the story of the Benson family and their new home in Dark Falls. Come to find out, everyone in their new town is a zombie—and that every year they require new blood. That fresh blood comes from tricking families into moving into the so-called "dead house" and then murdering them.