Images of christmas gel nail designs. 30 Cool Gel Nail Designs Pictures – SheIdeas

Images of christmas gel nail designs. 40 Festive and Bright Nail Art Ideas Christmas

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Christmas nails: 25 festive-themed nail designs for stunning Christmas makeup | Metro News

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Cute Christmas nails can make a child giggle, your mother smile, or remind you to look past the gloomy short days at the bigger picture: Enjoying time with those you love. The next 77 photos are of Christmas nail designs meant to inspire your creativity and bring a reminder of holiday happiness to your very fingertips. Curious Rudolf. Fashioning your nails with reindeer and snowflakes makes for both an elegant design mixed with the fun side of the season. Snowflake stickers will easily be found in your salon and copying the reindeer design above requires only a dotting tool or toothpick and a steady hand!