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Like so many, I went through an addiction to Star Trek, the original series, hence referred to as 'TOS' for " T he O riginal S eries" as the franchise has so many spin-offs. It was surprising, looking at Forums and other sites, how many former, highly attractive, TOS female actresses there were and I was suggested to document ones that may have had roles in DVDBeaver reviewed films. I started to research and the links were piling up. I've detailed a portion here, in alphabetical order so as not to discriminate, but as I know how deeply layered Trekkie fans can be - I'm certain that I don't have them all to everyone 's personal tastes. I'm aware that there are a Vulcan, Klingon and Romulan female character worthy but absent. Please don't email me with some minutia to augment the article. I'm done.