Images of the biggest house in the world. List of largest houses in the United States - Wikipedia

Images of the biggest house in the world. 10 Of The Amazing and Biggest Houses In The World

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The Biggest Homes on the Planet | Best Life

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Admit it: If you were suddenly catapulted into immeasurable wealth, one of your first purchases would be an opulent mansion, complete with several infinity pools and a charming butler. Yes, from car garages! Though the home still belongs to the family, the wealthy clan does still offer tours of their private residence, complete with multiple floors of opulence, a bachelors wing for male mayhem, expansive gardens, and a winery. After the Buckingham Palace, the Witanhurst is the biggest private residence in all of London. The beautiful home sits just along the coast, complete with lush gardens, greenhouse, outdoor kitchen, pool, and helipad. This residence, containing 27 stories of grand bedrooms and entertainment, has faced harsh criticism in a nation largely suffering from poverty and hunger. Despite legal trouble that stalled construction for a number of years, after its completion in , it is set to be the largest single-family home in the United States.